Research and find out some information about the solemn liturgy on Good Friday. Due in on Tuesday 27th March

What have you managed to find out so far?


Some fantastic responses so far Eagle class. Well done!

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  1. Joshua Osarinmwian Ajagunna said:

    The service is normally without instrumental music except if needed to accompany congregational singing. The ministers enter in silence. All kneel for silent prayer. When all are standing the presider may greet the people with the following and they say blessed be our God for ever and ever Amen the priest says let us pray and there is silence and then the priest starts to pray. Most churches turn off the light and spray no holy water.

  2. Camila Lopez Ramos said:

    There is the Liturgy of the Presanctified, or the Commemoration of Our Lord’s Passion; but it is true that, although communion is distributed, Mass is not celebrated.

    So, why no Mass today (or Holy Saturday, before the Vigil)? This question is especially relevant on the day when we commemorate the reality of which the Mass is a sacramental figure: The suffering and death of Christ.

    This, like many other questions, was asked and answered a long time ago by a holy Dominican Friar named Thomas Aquinas. In the Summa Theologica, part III, question 83, article 2, reply to objection 2, St. Thomas tells us:

    “The figure ceases on the advent of the reality. But this sacrament is a figure and a representation of our Lord’s Passion, as stated above. And therefore on the day on which our Lord’s Passion is recalled as it was really accomplished, this sacrament is not consecrated. Nevertheless, lest the Church be deprived on that day of the fruit of the Passion offered to us by this sacrament, the body of Christ consecrated the day before is reserved to be consumed on that day; but the blood is not reserved, on account of danger, and because the blood is more specially the image of our Lord’s Passion.”

    Yes, it is true that the Mass is the representation of the Passion, but as the figure passes away before the reality, so too the Church omits the celebration of Mass when she commemorates the Passion as it really happened in time.

    So while we do not celebrate Mass today, we celebrate something more than Mass; for the Mass represents the Passion as a figure, but the liturgy of the Commemoration of Our Lord’s Passion represents our Lord’s suffering and death as it was in reality. In omitting the Mass, nothing is lost; but the sacramental figure is perfected in the reality commemorated on Good Friday.

  3. Luiza Labazuy said:

    The liturgy is not a Mass because you don’t take communion during this time. I also found out that from good Friday till the resurrection the church is dark to symbolise the darkness of the death of Jesus.

  4. Mariam Salawu said:

    There is no Mass celebrated on that day, as it shows how the Apostles were separated from Jesus. It is part of the Triduum which is all focused on everything that happens in the passion that begins on Maundy Thursday Mass after the Eucharist is removed from the church and taken to an altar of repose for people to see (adoration) until midnight at which time the adoration ends.

  5. Matthew Quito Gonzalez said:

    I found out that it is not a Mass and when it starts we are always in silence. Also when it ends we are in silence, we do this because it is a sad time of Jesus’ death. No Mass is celebrated on Good Friday.

  6. Petra Farell Santos said:

    Good Friday is a Christian tradition to mark the day when Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross. This is often known as crucification of Lord Jesus.
    But why is it called ‘good’ Friday?
    I researched that some believe that Good Friday evolved from God Friday, which is what the day was called initially. Some believe that the good about Good Friday is that Jesus gave up his life for his people and then came back on Easter, proving that he indeed was son of God.

  7. Naomi Akpan said:

    On the afternoon of this day, about three o’clock (unless a later hour is chosen for a pastoral reason), there takes place the celebration of the Lord’s Passion consisting of three parts, namely, the Liturgy of the Word, the Adoration of the Cross, and Holy Communion.
    In the United States, if the size or nature of a parish or other community indicates the pastoral need for an additional liturgical service, the Diocesan Bishop may permit the service to be repeated later. This liturgy by its very nature may not, however, be celebrated in the absence of a Priest.

    The Priest and the Deacon, if a Deacon is present, wearing red vestments as for Mass, go to the altar in silence and, after making a reverence to the altar, prostrate themselves or, if appropriate, kneel and pray in silence for a while. All others kneel.
    Then the Priest, with the ministers, goes to the chair where, facing the people, who are standing, he says, with hands extended, one of the following prayers, omitting the invitation Let us pray.

  8. Asaiah Gill said:

    it is not a mass because we don’t take communion in this service

  9. Juliyan Warnakulasuriya Thamel said:

    The liturgy on Good Friday and the passion of the Lord. Its not a mass because we take communion in mass.

  10. Kalab Alegaz said:

    It is called a liturgy because you cannot take your holy communion and mass is usually celebrated but this is not usually the time to celebrate although there is a liturgy it is the time when Jesus died on the cross for us and forgave our sins which is not an easy thing to do.

  11. Gabriela Rodrigues Catarino said:

    Hey Eagles,
    The liturgy called the Passion Of Our Lord , which is also sometimes called as the Solemn is a liturgy and not a mass because , the main point is we do NOT take communion , there is also NO Holy Water in Church.
    When Jesus dies everything goes black until Easter were Jesus has resurrected again.
    Normally during this liturgy the Priest holds a cross to show that Jesus has died and that’s when everything goes dark.
    During Holy Week and Good Friday we are not allowed to eat red meat because it was meant for us to remember that Christ got crucified on a Friday , this was meant to be an act of penitence.
    Gabriela !! sya tomorrow/Friday

  12. Sorriel Bowrin said:

    The liturgy on Good Friday is the passion of the Lord. On the day of the liturgy you can still take communion but it would have to be from holy Friday. During the Mass the priest walks towards the alter carrying the cross and sometimes the priest lets people kiss the cross.
    From Sorriel

  13. Evie Hanscombe said:

    Its not a mass because we always take communion and we don’t in this and its goes dark when he dies so some church’s turn off the light with no holy water, till Jesus resurrects, and that’s what I found out (from you). PS: see you tomorrow/Friday!!!

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